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Our community pantry is a place to take what you need and leave what you can. We hope to be a place where all who are hungry or in need of pantry staples (shelf stable easy meals, on-the-go snacks, toiletries, treasures from the garden) can take whatever they like, no questions asked! We aren't checking anyone's income level or policing how much they take. It's also open 24/7!

But we can only do that if the whole community bands together. This pantry will thrive when we embrace it as a place of mutual aid - where you might give something one month, then take an item in need the following month - rather than charity. We don't give because we can afford to; we give because every living thing deserves food, and because our community is stronger together than divided.

Which is why we are so grateful to our friends at Dunluce Community League for making a donation to the pantry their entry fee to Community League Day last weekend! They filled the pantry with goods - and this bounty was gone 5 hours later.

Will you join Dunluce Community League, and us, in sharing what we have with one another? You don't have to bring a lot at once - if there's a two for one sale, maybe put the free item you got in the pantry for a neighbour. Every little bit helps.