Good Shepherd Anglican Church

Sunday Morning at Good Shepherd
We aim to make everyone feel welcome from the moment you come through our door.

You are warmly invited to join us for in-person worship! Masks are optional at this time. Zoom worship is available here. Please do join us online if you have any symptoms, or feel more comfortable worshipping from home.

Worship begins at 10:30am Mountain Time, and lasts about an hour. All the words of the service will be on the screen in front of you to help follow along. You are encouraged to read the parts of the screen printed in bold as a congregational response, and to sing along to the hymns!

The main floor of our building, including the nave (worship space), narthex (lobby), and washrooms, is wheelchair accessible, and a T-loop hearing system is available. In addition, we use a large projection screen to share the words of the service and lyrics of the hymns. In the nave we use individual chairs, so it is easy to accommodate space for any mobility aids. If you would like to inquire about any other accommodations you or a family member may need, please reach out to Archdeacon Jordan.

Kids are welcome at Good Shepherd. Most choose to head to our Kids’ Table in the narthex, which is staffed by trained and screened volunteers, until communion, but some choose to join us for the whole service. God put the wiggle in children, and we are not concerned about chirps or giggles, or even cries. Please don’t feel embarrassed by kids doing what kids do!

Anglican services involve a lot of movement! You may see people bowing or making the sign of the cross at various times. We adopt a risen posture such as standing when singing or praising God, we sit to hear God’s Word proclaimed, and we kneel to express awe or penitence. Kneeling cushions are available at the back of the church. But we also believe in radical freedom to express these postures however best suits your body - you can rise up while seated, or express awe by standing. The priest may issue an invitation to adopt a particular posture, but these are not commands. Please do what draws your heart to God, and don’t worry about matching your neighbour.

At communion, you will be invited to come forward as the greeters direct. Communion in both kinds will be available. Intinction (dipping the wafer into the wine) will not be allowed. Communicants uncomfortable with drinking from the chalice should be aware that all spiritual benefits may be obtained through Communion in one kind. All baptized Christians of any denomination or background are welcome to share in Holy Communion with us, regardless of how long it has been or what you have been practicing since. If you are not baptized, or prefer not to receive, please cross your arms when you come forward (like the Wakanda salute) to indicate to the priest you would like to receive a blessing. If you would like to be baptized, please speak to the priest before or after the service.

The Zoom service is recorded and uploaded to this website the following week, so that others who missed the service can join in when they are available. If you do not wish to be part of the recording, please make sure to click “Stop Video” before the worship begins.


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Our History
We've been doing this for over 100 years.

The Church of the Good Shepherd was first founded in 1910 in a tent on the corner of 123 Street and 130 Avenue, before there was even a diocese of Edmonton. Since then, we've worshipped in homes, a shack, a fire hall, a jail, multiple church buildings, and a school. We moved to our current home, a former Roman Catholic Church, in 1991. While we've demonstrated that we are willing to worship God anywhere, we've never forgotten where we come from. Our worship space features stained-glass windows from the Old Church Building on 127 Street.

Over our 100+ years as a community, we have been blessed to be served by many clergy and lay leaders. Visit the team page to see our current leadership.