A Family Friendly Service
Kids lead the way on Green Growing Sundays

Once a month Good Shepherd holds a Green Growing Sunday (GGS) Eucharist. We start the service with 2-3 of our favourite songs and hymns so that families have plenty of time to settle in and no-one feels like they're getting in late. Our sermons are tailored to invite children into a conversation about God and the many beautiful stories in the bible and it is common to see all of our kids gathered at the altar for the sermon. Dancing and hand signs are encouraged during the hymns throughout the service and we do our best to select service volunteers from our growing list of child and youth volunteers. 

How To Get Involved With GGS

If your child is interested in volunteering on Green Growing Sundays, fill out the form below. Kids and teens are welcome to practive their public speaking and reading, al0ng with learning about the Anglican traditions we practice throughout the service. We also encourage helpers, parents and care-givers are always welcome to volunteer alongside their kids as needed. 

Volunteer roles for children include:

  • Acolyte
  • Reader
  • Chalice Bearer *best for older kids with steady hands
  • Gift Bearer
  • Prayer Leader

My Child Would Like to Volunteer

GGS Volunteer Sign Up

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