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We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our campers, leaders-in-training, volunteers, and donors, for building amazing memories with us during Compassion Camp last week!

Archdeacon Jordan shared the week with 13 campers, 3 leaders-in-training, and 13 volunteers. Everyday we explored the ways that God provides "What Every Living Thing Needs." Psalm 104 was our bible story guide for the week, and our motto was "We see your hurt, we feel your hurt, we help ease your hurt." Our campers learned new songs together, danced and sang along to some of our very favourite Green Growing Sunday Songs and learned how to share and take care of our basic needs together. 

The week started strong with "Every Living Thing Needs Shelter"; each day built on the theme through food, water, air and finally community. We practiced building community with the Kipnes Centre's Day Program staff and seniors during some very competitive rounds of BINGO! 

We are so grateful for all the friendships and memories we made together!