The staff at Good Shepherd cannot begin to express how full of joy and gratitude we are over how enthusiastically our parish and neighbours have supported the installation and maintenance of the community pantry. We are honoured to be known as a source of food for the neighborhood and are actively seeking out partnerships to help support the success and growth of the pantry.

This dry goods pantry is open to anyone in need. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who made this fantastic pantry possible. We invite people to take what you need and leave what you can.

Click here for more information about the pantry and a list of donation items.

This fall we are looking into partnerships with local shops and grocery stores to help keep our pantry filled for all those who benefit from it. If you are business owner and would like to support our community pantry, fill out our contact form below. 

Anyone interested in volunteering to help build a support network for our pantry can email to get started.